Creeping Automation

We see innovation emerging here in stages with progressively more purpose-built functions.

# Bespoke

One interacts by creating and sharing pages. Standard item types and markups are presumed to be sufficient for most expression. When not, additional plugins can be crafted and shared in the open source.

The twins in the neighborhood mechanism is presumed sufficient to maintain a culture of improvement without complicating or centralizing function into algorithms that cannot be understood.

# Workflow

Collaborators will form expectations for where things are, how they are to be written, and, what kinds of changes are appropriate in specific circumstances.

Normalization of form and vocabulary will follow success. Post hoc documentation of what was done and how it worked will lead to repeatable processes. Further reflection will yield conventional names for desireable artifacts and workflows.

# Affordance

Secondary mechanisms like references, rosters, grep and transport provide click and drop convenience to higher-level workflows without changing intrinsic behavior.

Utility, application and mechanism can grow organically. Communities of practice form within the stigmergic collaborations of peers.

# Ambience

The accessible, relevant, mutable and pervasive extension to all activity will be both an expected and unnoticed aspect of cultural life.